Anxieties of pregnancy: how to cope?

Anxieties of pregnancy: how to cope?

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The anxieties of the pregnant woman are like her famous "cravings for strawberries": inevitable! All the women who are born there are confronted to varying degrees. It is better to accept them rather than repress them.

How do pregnant anxieties manifest themselves?

  • Dark thoughts: The anxiety of the pregnant woman is translated primarily by dark thoughts, all the more difficult to admit that you never know where they come from ... and that the joy of being pregnant is also very real!
  • Mood swings: Hyperactivity phases followed by moments of intense fatigue, irrepressible desires to laugh brutally broken by deep blues ... Mood swings affect all pregnant women and are also generating anxiety.
  • The reproaches to the father: Anxiety can also result in a feeling of irritability, leading to reproaches expressed to the direct entourage, that is, in most cases, to the spouse.
  • Nightmares : Childbirth that goes wrong, birth of a monstrous baby ... There are specific nightmares of the pregnant woman, that many future mothers know: they translate the psychic transition from the identity of young woman to that of mother-woman . Difficult to live for their brutality, they are nonetheless perfectly normal!

How to explain these anxieties?

  • Hormonal dysregulation: It's a rule, the mood depends heavily on the hormones. And pregnant women are particularly well placed to find out! Hormonal imbalance following pregnancy is the leading cause of anxiety in future young mothers.
  • The individual status change to come: A pregnant woman is a young woman on the verge of becoming a mother: this change of identity generates doubts (fear of not being at the height of the stake, afraid of not assuming the baby ...) which reverberate by so many anxieties.
  • The fear of the Unknown : This anguish only affects women who are expecting their first child. How is a delivery? Am I able to give birth? Is my body not going to betray me? A first happy experience suffices in general to dispel the fear of the unknown.
  • The fear of pain: It particularly affects the medical aspect of childbirth: fear of the epidural, caesarean section, forceps ...
  • The fear of physiological upheaval: The changing body is also a source of anxiety. Pregnancy transforms a body sometimes irreversibly, every woman is aware of it, and anxiety is a way to prepare for it.

How to fight them?

  • By self-checkingAs in any situation of inner conflict, self-control may be enough to dispel anxiety. To reason, to take a hot bath, to walk in the nature ... To each his method!
  • By attending birth preparation classes. Very useful for preparing the body for the future, birth preparation classes also make it possible to play down pregnancy and childbirth, and thus to alleviate the anxieties they generate.
  • By sharing them! Whatever its nature, the anxiety is unique in that it becomes lighter when you talk about it and share it with others. So do not hesitate to talk about it around you, your spouse, your friends ...


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