Playing with the wind is fun!

Playing with the wind is fun!

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It's windy ? Well, just go out with your little ones because the wind is exciting! We offer game ideas.

Have fun with the wind

  • First put on the K-Way!
  • Explain to your child that wool has large stitches. The wind goes through the holes. Uh, it's cold! Show him that the closer the cotton weave is, the better it is to protect yourself from the wind. But tell him you have a secret: the K-Way! Nylon that does not let the wind pass at all.
  • Run together against the wind ... It's difficult, the wind prevents you from moving forward. We change direction? The wind pushes you, it's much easier as well.
  • Hide away from the wind: show your toddler that the hedge, this windbreak, is very effective as a bulwark. Go, once in front, once behind.
  • Watch the spinning wind turbines, the clothes and the flags that float in the wind or, funny like everything, the wind vanes in the countryside ... Do you know that the tip of their arrow is positioned in front of the wind?

A note for the wind

Rate the wind on the Beaufort scale. Help your toddler count on his fingers (even if it goes up to 12!).

  • At 0, the wind does not even advance to 1 km / h. Boring like everything! Explain to your little scientist that the wind is not always at the rendezvous.
  • A force 3, the wind is moving from 12 to 19 km / h, it is a small breeze.
  • A force 6, it's terrible, quickly go home!
  • With force 12, the trees and the tiles of the houses are torn off, as at the beginning of this very beautiful film, the Wizard of Oz. Explain to your toddler that it's called a hurricane! But according to the regions of the world, this is called a typhoon or a cyclone.

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