It's too hot to sleep

It's too hot to sleep

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It is 10 pm and your sweaty baby still has not slept. The freshness of the night is waiting. Some measures are needed ...

Your toddler is visibly tired. You have comfortably installed him in his bed, but a few minutes later, his tears call you. His neck is soaked with sweat and red like a peony. Obviously embarrassed by the heat, he can not fall asleep.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Like everyone else, your baby needs to feel comfortable and relaxed to get into Morpheus's arms. Anything that upsets him can affect his sleep.
  • You. When a child sleeps badly ... his parents are exhausted

It's too hot because it's too overcast

Summer and winter, children are often over-covered. No, it will not get cold if he sleeps in body!
What has to be done :

  • General rule dictated by pediatricians: add to your baby a thickness to what you would wear to be good, no more. You find the atmosphere stuffy? Your baby will only wear a simple T-shirt.

His clothes are not suitable

In summer, the synthetic brakes the natural evaporation of perspiration. And the residues of the softener you use for his clothes can cause unpleasant skin reactions.

What has to be done :

  • In summer, infants should wear only cotton. Washing with non-aggressive laundry is recommended.
  • Make a cross on the smell of lavender. Instead, dry clothes in the open air. They will smell good!

The room is over 27 ° C!

This is the temperature beyond which many infants feel bad. If the room is not ventilated, your baby will have the feeling of running out of air.

What has to be done :

  • If there is air conditioning, why not. But set at the ideal temperature of 18-20 ° C.
  • Use a fan? Yes, but never turned to your baby. If he sweats, he may catch cold.
  • Remember to ventilate his room. The air will circulate and, in a few minutes, give an impression of freshness.

He is in hyperthermia

The natural thermostat that allows the body to stay at constant temperature is not very effective in a baby. If the outside temperature is high, your baby's temperature may also rise.

What has to be done :

  • Give him a bath (with a water temperature of 2 to 3 degrees below that of your toddler). The body temperature will go down gradually. Be careful though not to play with him. Excited, he'd think it's day, and you'll get the opposite result.
  • And of course, make him drink a little.

Mom's words

"This summer, we went to Corsica with Zoe, and when we arrived, the heat disturbed her, and during the day we found her a bit wicked, and at night she never got to sleep normally. did it nights at 4 months!) It was always moaning or crying, so we gave her a bath before sleep, and the second week was definitely nicer than the first one. " Géraldine, mother of Zoe, 6 months.

Maria Poblete, with Dr. Valleteau de Mouillac, pediatrician.

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