Pregnancy and work: what you need to know

Pregnancy and work: what you need to know

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When and how to tell your employer that you are pregnant Is it compulsory? What are your rights at work during your pregnancy? What is pathological leave? How to benefit? And maternity leave? You are delighted to be pregnant ... but the questions are jostling!

Pregnant: What are my rights at work?

During (and even before) her contract of employment, any future mother enjoys a very protective status, defined by the law and the European directives. What are your rights and benefits during pregnancy? We take stock!

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Know your rights at work

Do you know that the law provides special accommodations for pregnant women? A little reminder of the main provisions.

Salaried and pregnant? My rights.

When to tell your employer?

You are happy to know that you are expecting a baby, but a bit anxious to tell your employer. Do not panic ! Here is all you need to know.

Our advice and the standard letter.

Trial period and pregnancy

Can an employer break a probationary period due to pregnancy? The answer of our specialist, Isabelle Auvray-Latourrette, lawyer at the Court, specialized in labor law.

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Maternity leave, instructions for use

How long before your baby is born can you stop working? And after ? What happens in case of premature delivery? Answers to your questions about the precious maternity leave.

How many weeks of rest?

15 tips for living well at work

To take advantage of this period of fullness that is pregnancy both at home and at work, here are some tips to avoid stress, fatigue and tension in the office.

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The occupational doctor: a precious ally

To warn your doctor of the work of your pregnancy is to put one more asset on your side. Adjustment of your workstation or your schedules, temporary assignment to another position, consultation with your doctor for possible work stoppages ... enjoy!

What role during pregnancy?

Pathological leave, for whom?

A few days of additional leave on maternity leave. More than half of pregnant women benefit. How it works ? Our explanations and our advice.

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Risks at work: preconceived ideas and truths

They run, they run the wrong ideas about the risks of work for future moms ... the real ones too. Especially those concerning the risks of prematurity.

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Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?

Under no circumstances should you skip this lunch break during your pregnancy. If you work and have to take your meals out of the house, whether with dinner vouchers, a home-meal brought to work, or the canteen ... our advice to ensure your food balance.

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