5 first names in A

5 first names in A

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They often seduce the parents for their softness ... Who? The names ending in A. Callista, Andrea, Ewa, Ilya, Gaia ... discover the origin, the date of celebration and derivatives of these pretty names.

First names in A: the top of the originals (click on the image)


  • Female first name.
  • It is "the most beautiful", as it means the Greek origin of this name in strong growth.
  • In mythology, Callisto was also a nymph of great beauty who was seduced by Zeus.
  • St. Calixte was a Christian slave, who in the year 217 became a pope known for his goodness: he demanded the absolution of all fishermen and authorized marriages between slaves and free people.
  • His party : October 14th.
  • Its derivatives: Caliste, Calixta, Callistine.


  • First name mixed.
  • From Romania or Italy, this derivative of Andrew comes from the Greek andros, "man".
  • Andrea is a mixed first name, but the feminine has won long since its ending in "a". The masculine, appreciated by our Italian neighbors, crosses borders and could well be illustrated here.
  • Evangelizer, St. Andrew the Apostle, elder brother of St. Peter, was crucified on an X cross, called since the cross of St. Andrew. Patron of Russia and Scotland, he also protects Burgundy.
  • His party : November 30th.
  • Its derivatives: Andreas, Andrieu, Andeol, Andrew, Andy, Andrei.

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