Large section of kindergarten

Large section of kindergarten

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Although it remains a kindergarten class, the big section begins a new cycle: cycle II, fundamental learning. Distinguish the sounds of the French language, learn about writing, recite poetry ... discover what your schoolboy is learning at school and how to help at home.

Distinguish the sounds of the French language

While playing, your child will cut the words into small pieces ... to go slowly but surely to the writing. The details.

Enter the world of language

Intense talkative or shy, at school your child learns to express himself. Challenges ? Understand others, be understood. How's it going ?

Understand a text

Your curious little one asks you what is written on his package of cereals in the morning? Take every opportunity to awaken your reading appetite! Our advices.

Learn about writing

The "fly legs" and other scribbles still discourage reading. A beautiful writing is important, and it starts ... small hands. How to accompany it.

Learn a poetry

"Master Raven ..." In his leaning notebook, your child applies himself to learning his poetry word by word. The details.

Prepare to be evaluated

Your child is evaluated throughout his school career. Kindergarten is no exception, and without the need for revisions, your child is tested - but not noted - on various skills to acquire. How's it going ?

Make a school bag

"Mom, I do not have my book" and "Mistress, I forgot my pencil!" Are two great classics little rewarding. With your child, find the parades! Our advices.

All our school support sheets.

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Back to school in kindergarten section

Reading, writing, counting ... these new skills are the subject of a gradual and personalized approach during this year of major kindergarten.

Our advice to accompany him.