Station for envenomations by marine animals

Station for envenomations by marine animals

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You fly with your family to a distant destination: sun, warm sand, turquoise sea ... venomous fish and others to the key! Holidays in the tropics are not without dangers. The French Society of Pediatrics, the SFP reminds the precautions to be respected.

If you go looking for trouble you'll find it !

  • Tropical destinations conceal certain marine animals that could be responsible for envenomation.
  • The jellyfish: its venom triggers a similar pain to an electric shock, swelling of the skin, possibly fever, nausea, asthenia.
  • The sea snail: en cone shape, the sting ofthis marine gastropod causes local redness, burn-like pain, tingling, or severe form of vomiting, and generalized pruritus. In some cases, the lack of prompt care can be fatal.
  • Poisonous fish: Envenomation can occur on the edge of the beach while walking on a camouflaged animal or trying to touch it in the water. The pain is acute. It radiates the entire limb and is accompanied by fever, nausea, asthenia. The sting of stone fish can be extremely serious.

What to do in case of sting?

  • Prevent relief.
  • Rinse the wound with seawater, but not fresh water that would release the venom.
  • Do not rub the wound in case of jellyfish sting.
  • In case of envenomation by poisonous fish or sea snails, remove the venomous device debris.
  • Proscribe the tourniquet or sucking.
  • Disinfect to prevent superinfection.
  • Apply ice or anesthetic gel, waiting for help to arrive. This slows the spread of venom.

One word of order: prevention!

  • Never swim in the presence of a "Jellyfish Alert" sign.
  • Do not pet or catch fish.
  • Wear adapted shoes bathing.
  • Never pick up stranded animals.

Frédérique Odasso

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