5 good reasons to go to the toy library

5 good reasons to go to the toy library

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And if you take your toddler to the toy library, an exciting place to discover for the delight of children and parents? Catherine Watine, ludologist and director of the association "At the Address of the Game", gives you 5 good reasons to run have fun at the toy library with your little one.

1. Explore a whole new world of games

  • "The first time I took Lucie to the toy library, she rushed to a Barbie! I was surprised. In my mind, it was not a very interesting toy ... ", confides Laurence, the mother of Lucie, 2 years and a half. "In a toy library, we find all types of games, notes Catherine Watine, playwright and director of the association" At the Address of the Game ". At home, the choice offered to the child is necessarily smaller: not only are the toys expensive and take up space, but the parents also choose them according to their personal tastes and the idea they have of themselves. a "good" or "bad" toy. "

2. Take advantage of the opinion of the "pros" of the game!

  • "One day when I was with Martin at the toy library, the toy lender gently approached me and said," Your little boy is just waiting for you to watch him play, "says Jacques, Martin's father, 18 month. She must have felt that I did not know how to behave, her intervention reassured me. "The toy libraries are generally little interventionist, but very observant. "The principle, in a toy library, is that of free play, confirms Catherine Watine. But we can stage toys to make children want to try them, and to stimulate their imagination: starting, for example, a construction on a table. "

3. Share a beautiful moment with your little one ...

  • At the toy library, the cell phones of parents are silent at the bottom of the bag or pocket. And ouste, tablets and computers! An ideal context not to be disturbed or caught up in the urgencies of life, and to devote himself entirely to his child. "When we come back from the toy library, Lucie is usually very calm," Laurence smiled. She does not solicit me, does not get angry. As if she had had his attention! "For Catherine Watine, the time spent at the toy library is a" real moment of decompression, as much for the child as for his parent ".

4. Meet other children

  • For toddlers who do not attend the nursery or school, the toy library can be a great theater of socialization. The different spaces organized according to the stages of development of the child are not separated by partitions: the interactions between the children are thus facilitated. "Martin likes to watch the older kids playing. He devours them with his eyes and often tries to imitate them! "Jacques laughs. If friction is inevitable between children who are still struggling to play together, it is usually settled very quickly. Obviously, the car with which the boyfriend plays is always more attractive than the same car on the shelf! "But when we explain to children that here, toys are for everyone, good habits are taken very quickly," says Catherine Watine.

5. Test before buying

  • You have spotted a game, but you still hesitate to buy it to your little one? The toy library is the ideal place to test a game in life size. You can make sure that he really likes him and that he is adapted. And if you lack inspiration, the ideas are there, under your eyes: "Seeing Lucie at the toy library, play with passion to the merchant, I decided to buy him fruits and vegetables and a miniature petty cash recording, tells Laurence. Right now, it's his favorite game! "

Learn more about the association "At the Game's Address"

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