Pregnant, can I play sports?

Pregnant, can I play sports?

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Exercise is good for morale, clears the mind and prepares perfectly for childbirth. Why deprive yourself, especially if you like that!

Want to play sports?

  • A crazy desire to put on your sneakers and go for a jog? So much better the sport will be beneficial during your pregnancy, for you as for your baby. Do not forget that a 40-week marathon awaits you. The development of your baby requires a joint work of all your organs.
  • During nine months, your blood circulation, your metabolism and your breathing will be more solicited. Ideal during this period: endurance sports because they bring energy, confidence and help fight stress.

Go slowly!

  • Playing sports is good, but be careful not to overwork, especially in early pregnancy.

What does sport bring during pregnancy?

  • The children of sporty women are born particularly strong. Swaying in the belly of the mother promotes the development of the future baby, especially the sensory organs.
  • Exercise will also help you to have a better support and to prevent the typical disorders of the pregnancy: bad blood circulation, cramps, hemorrhoids ...
  • The feeling of being in good physical health will also put you in good mood.

What are endurance sports adapted?

  • Cycling, walking, swimming, water aerobics or walking is ideal. What is important is to train regularly over a long period. Endurance does not only improve fitness. The heart and lungs work more economically and flush more blood into the circulation so your body and your baby's body are fed with optimal oxygen.
  • Anything that keeps fit may not be suitable for your future baby. It is obvious that during your pregnancy, it is better to give up risky sports like diving or climbing. Sports involving sudden movements such as squash, tennis or volleyball are also discouraged.

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