Emile Papiernik, pioneer of modern obstetrics

Emile Papiernik, pioneer of modern obstetrics

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Specialist in the prevention of prematurity, Professor Emile Papiernik, obstetrician gynecologist, one of the great figures of obstetrics died in August 2009 at the age of 73 years.

  • After brilliant medical studies, Emile Papiernik first turned to oncology. The birth of his daughter, in 1962, makes him change course: he will be an obstetrician. The delivery of his wife makes him aware of the delay of obstetrics in France.
  • At 36, he was appointed head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at the Antoine-Béclère hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine). He worked there from 1972 to 1990 before leading the service of this same specialty at the Cochin Port Royal Hospital in Paris.

A lifetime dedicated to women and babies

  • Prevent difficult pregnancies, risky deliveries and especially prematurity, improve the world of birth. This will be his fight for nearly 40 years of career. It is partly because of him that early perinatal mortality has increased from 23 per 1000 in 1973 to 5 per 1000 today.
  • After the vote on the Veil Act of 1975, he opened one of the first abortion services at Antoine-Béclère Hospital.
  • Against the pains of childbirth, he develops the epidural in France, as well as the monitoring, to follow the baby's heart during childbirth.
  • he is also at the origin of the extra two weeks of maternity leave, granted to tired pregnant women.
  • "An extraordinary and endearing personality, passionate about contemporary art, says of him, Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist and close to the professor. He was very proud to have been able to move forward on prematurity, the fight of his life. "
  • For him, "the patient was never a folder. He had the desire to understand the human ", also said Professor René Frydman, recruited by Emile Papiernik in his service and father of the baby test tube.
  • Emile Papiernik is the author of several books, including The Guide to Pregnancy (Robert Laffont), republished several times, The Life Passenger (Plon ed.) and Maternity, progress and promises (Odile Jacob ed.)

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