Ouch, he's teething!

Ouch, he's teething!

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Twenty pretty girls, it's perfect to chew on life! But until they pierce, your toddler is grumpy, he salivates and nibbles his fist all day long. This is not pleasant ... neither for him nor for you!

Everything starts with cheeks on fire, a grumpy spirit, sometimes a diaper rash, a little fever. Nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. This tooth, she decides to break, yes or no?

Here the exit

  • Already, during pregnancybell-shaped buds begin to form in the jawbone of your future baby. These sketches of teeth will calcify little by little.
  • Your baby is born, the first incisor usually goes out in the 6th month. But it can also break in the fifth month or not have manifested at 1 year. More exceptional, it can also appear at birth ... as for Napoleon!
  • The eight central and lateral incisors occur most often between the 6th and the 12th month. Four first molars follow between the 12th and the 18th month. Four canines are added between the 18th and the 24th months. The last four molars complete the population between the 24th and 30th months.
  • In total, the first dentition contains twenty teeth of milk. The number of his definitive teeth will be thirty-two.
  • This "calendar of dental flares" remains very random. Each child takes out his teeth at his own pace and the fact that he has some more than his crèche girlfriend or his little cousin is unrelated to his general development.

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