Eclipse of the sun: watch the eyes!

Eclipse of the sun: watch the eyes!

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Tomorrow, a partial eclipse of the sun will take place all over France. To avoid any eye injury, the Directorate General of Health recommends to bring special eye protection, available from opticians, pharmacists or major retailers. (News from 03/01/11)

When is the solar eclipse?

  • An eclipse of the sun, even partial, is a real show for children! It will be visible around 7:50 until about 10:30, depending on the place of observation, with a degree of darkness around 9 o'clock.

Protect children's eyes

  • To fully enjoy this showprotect your eyes and those of your children with special eye protection. Indeed, the risks of ophthalmic accidents are real and especially at the hours closest to solar noon, when the short-wave visible radiation of the sun and the ultraviolet are the least absorbed by the atmosphere. In children, this risk is even greater because their cornea is more fragile. These glasses are available at pharmacists, opticians or specialty stores.

Do not use sunglasses

  • The Directorate General of Health warns against the use of simple sunglasses whose protection is very insufficient. Do not look at this eclipse with binoculars either. Finally, pause between two observations.

Stéphanie Letellier