Should she abort? A couple asks you to vote

Should she abort? A couple asks you to vote

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Bad joke or sordid reality? An American couple asks Internet users to decide whether or not to keep the child they are waiting for. (News of 25/11/10)

  • Peter and Alisha, an American couple who lives in Minnesota, are expecting their first child. But after 2 miscarriages, they are no longer sure to want to keep it. How to make the decision? By asking people to decide for them! For this, they have created a website:, where the countdown to the end of the legal period to abort scrolls on the side. To be even more sordid, they regularly publish ultrasounds of the fetus, baptized by their care "Wiggles", the "gigoteur".
  • 13 days from the end of the vote, the couple specifies that the results of the survey will weigh in their decision but will not be decisive. That's enough to give ideas to reality TV producers who have not yet dared to imagine such a scenario

And you what do you think ? Are you shocked by such a display of his private life?