DIY: the custom wedding hanger

DIY: the custom wedding hanger

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You have seen it on all the wedding sites, the famous hanger trend with the name of the bride. And since, you want it! Well, you'll get it! You can make a version for sir.


  • 1 wooden hanger
  • Thick and soft wire
  • a drill
  • glue
  • ribbon
  • pencil
  • paper

Production :

  • First remove the cross bar from the hanger.
  • On each side of the hanger, make a hole with a bit a bit bigger than the diameter of the wire.
  • On a sheet, draw the outline of the hanger and mark the locations of the holes. Connect the holes with a line. Write along this line the name (without lifting the pencil).
  • Fold the wire according to the drawn handwriting. Cut the excess wire then slide the ends of the wire into the holes with a little glue.
  • Finally, decorate the hanger according to your desire with some ribbons, feathers, beads ... You can also paint the wood of the hanger.


  • You can also decline this hanger to decorate a child's room. Paint the hanger in a pretty color, write his name and you're done!