Diversify ... when baby is sick

Diversify ... when baby is sick

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Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation ... diversification is complicated when your baby is sick. Our advice that does not exempt you, of course, to consult very quickly your pediatrician.

He has a fever

  • Fever is one of the means available to your baby to fight against microbes that do not like the rise of its internal temperature. He also has antibodies that his body mobilizes, devoting all his energy ... and then putting on the back burner certain other functions, such as exercise or food digestion. So his body, who manages his priorities better, lets him know that time is not to eat! However, this mobilization of its thermal system and its antibodies needs to be supported by the supply of essential nutrients.
  • Give him water, first: the main risk your child has for fever is dehydration. Any degree, above 37 ° C, increases its water requirement by 20%.
  • Sugar and mineral salts, then: he can not fight against germs without renewing the energy supplying his batteries. You will find in the pharmacy rehydration solutes allowing it to hold for 24 to 48 hours.

He has vomiting

  • How to know what he has kept in the stomach, including in liquid, if he rejects everything you give him?
  • To provide him with the water he needs: make him drink, even a few sips only, every half hour.
  • In order for the mineral salts to "hold onto the stomach": reduce the amount of water you usually use (you give him enough to drink or bottle) for his soups and purees and split his food rations.

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