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Diversification: zoom on the news

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Cereals, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products ... Diversification must be progressive. The point with our expert Patrick Tounian, head of the pediatric nutrition service at Trouseau Hospital in Paris.

  • Why not before 4 months?

    For two reasons. First, because it is important not to reduce infant milk consumption. Introducing other foods too early may result in a deficiency. Then because the intestinal permeability of the child before 4 months is increased. It could, in case of large quantities of proteins, promote the occurrence of an allergy. Food diversification must therefore be smooth, in a simple and progressive way between 4 and 6 months.


    • Cereals are not essential for the growth and nutritional balance of your child (who can find starch elsewhere, especially in starchy foods), but they are often appreciated by your baby.
    • Used first diluted in the milk of the bottle, they can gradually thicken until they become a solid porridge and eat with a spoon.

    A smooth passage between the liquid and the solid

    • From 4 months, you can start introducing cereals with gluten. Favor sweet and sweet perfumes (nature, vanilla). If you notice that your baby's stool is becoming rarer and stronger, talk to your pediatrician. He will advise a dosage adapted to your little one.
    • The interest of cereals from 8 months is to allow the child to continue to drink milk while ensuring its caloric needs.

    A boost to sleep

    • Your baby continues to ask you for a feed at night? The feeling of fullness that cereals put in makes it the ideal "dinner" menu for your baby, whose stomach is better able to support the fasting of the night. But if he prefers his porridge for breakfast, nothing prevents you from inverting ... On the other hand, it is a question of inverting, because the cereals must enter into the constitution of only one meal of the day - so as not to reduce the amount of milk, which must be at least 500 ml.
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