Diversification: what you need to know

Diversification: what you need to know

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Between the advice of your mother and those of girlfriends, you lose the north. So, follow the guide, diversification is easy! When to start, what to give him and how? All our articles on diversification.

Diversification: at what age to start?

So far recommended from 6 months, diversification is now recommended from 4 months and a half. A little lost in the face of these new recommendations? take stock and help you see things more clearly.

Diversify, the right moment.

Diversification: milk remains the basis

The first six months of life, whether maternal or infant, milk is the almost exclusive basis of your baby's diet. Then, because it meets his nutritional requirements, he remains a companion in the long course of his diet.

Milk, the base.

New foods to offer age by age

What foods to introduce over the months in the plate of your gourmet? Here is age by age the novelties to offer him in his diet.

The stages of diversification.

Diversification: zoom on the news

Cereals, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products ... Food diversification must be smooth, in a simple and progressive way. The point with our expert Patrick Tounian, head of the pediatric nutrition service at Trouseau Hospital in Paris.

I diversify!

What do you know about diversification?

Diversification is an important step for you and your baby. This is the moment for him to discover different flavors of milk ... and, for you, to test your knowledge through the menu with our quiz. Let's go !

I'm doing the quiz!

Diversification: make him accept the spoon

Essential step of the autonomy of your baby at the time of diversification, learning the teaspoon requires a lot of patience. If you find that it's easier said than done, follow the guide.

Teaspoon, instructions.


Small pots: what do you know?

During the holidays, you do not necessarily want to put in the stove to cook small dishes to your baby ... And if you give him a small pot? This is the time to test your knowledge of baby food, infant nutrition, by doing our quiz.

I'm doing the quiz.

Diversify without false note

You are very happy to see your baby discover new flavors and textures. This essential step represented by diversification must be done smoothly as it is accompanied by a major change of direction of the nutritional regime.

Who goes piano sano!

3 tips for successful diversification

Between 4 and 6 months, your baby has new flavors at the time of diversification. Here are our tips to guide and accompany him in this great discovery.

Our advice to diversify.

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