Keys for a well-proportioned authority

Keys for a well-proportioned authority

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What are the limits for your child? What are the differences according to age? How to do with the nanny ... Check out some of the tips from our 10th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 50 Keys for a Well Determined Authority", sold with the June 2011 issue of.

Authority: obstacles to overcome

The obstacles are numerous to prevent you from playing your part. To annoy with prohibitions instead of pampering it, that does not please you! And yet ...

Authority, why?

Authority: my toolbox

The ability to lay prohibitions and to enforce them is learned and, above all, relies on effective tools and well-tested methods.

Authority how?

Authority: at 1 year, safety objective!

Do not put your fingers in the catches, do not approach the windows, nor climb on stools ... As soon as your toddler knows how to move, serious things begin!

Authority at 1 year.

At grandma's, with dad ... how's it going?

They raised their own children, had to put on the clothes of bastard parents. Normal that today they want to be grandpas and granny grandmas with their grandchildren, right?


Authority: it's for his good

Authority represents a real backbone for a child, on which he can rely all his life. Hold on to this idea: you do it for him, because you love him!

Authority why?

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