Paint like Cro-magnon

Paint like Cro-magnon

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Paint, like a prehistoric man, perfectly! Or as an Egyptian, an Aborigine or a Plains Indian! Thanks to this brand new collection Flammarion editions that offers your children to think outside the box.

Imitate an ancestor, what a good idea!

  • Did you notice that your aspiring artist tends to always draw the same man? It's normal! Now that he knows how to execute it properly, he will not go without it! However, encourage him to explore other tracks with these little creative albums.

What is it exactly ?

  • The purpose of these four titles I paint like ... prehistoric men, Australian Aborigines, Egyptians or Plains Indians is to make him discover a universe. Each of them has a palette of 24 water-colored pellets and a small brush. Your budding artist must reproduce about twenty models, so many small colorful paintings to hang in the kitchen!

We start with which?

  • The four titles are very attractive. The easiest - but not the most colorful - is without a doubt I paint like prehistoric men. For his first work, your child must like Cro-magnon put his little hand on the sheet and paint around to keep the imprint! Then, it gets complicated, your artist must draw deer, bison and other mammoths ...

Go a little further ...

  • Look at both a book on prehistory, show him cave paintings, ocher colors, red, yellow pigments that prehistoric men used, highlight the fineness of the features ...

Think of it for a gift!

I paint like..., by Fred Sochard, Editions Flammarion, The activities of Father Castor, € 8.50! Is not it a good idea for the next year of the little cousin?

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