Cesarean section: what you need to know

Cesarean section: what you need to know

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Programmed or not, caesarean is a surgical procedure to extract the baby from the mother's uterus. When is it practiced? How's it going ? Are there any risks? The answers to your questions with our file.

Cesarean section: medical reasons

Caesarean section is a surgical procedure performed when vaginal delivery is not possible or may endanger the health of the child and / or the mother-to-be. It can be either scheduled in advance during pregnancy or decided urgently during delivery.

Cesarean section for me?

Scheduled Caesarean section, when to consider?

Today in France, caesarean section concerns 20% of births, of which 7% for which this operation is scheduled.

Why schedule a cesarean?

Caesarean section, how is it?

Caesarean section is performed in the operating room, usually under loco-regional anesthesia, which allows the mother to be fully aware and dad to be present.

Caesarean section step by step.

Video: When to use caesarean section?

In which cases is a cesarean delivery recommended? Why to have a cesarean section scheduled or in the process of birth? The answers in video of Caroline Schoch, midwife.

I watch the video.

Cesarean section: answers to your questions

Do not panic ! Whether scheduled or unexpected, cesarean section is a controlled surgical procedure, decided to avoid you and your baby a "difficult" childbirth.

The point on the caesarean section.

The stages of cesarean section

What does he expect in case of cesarean section? We review the progress before, during and after this intervention.

Caesarean section in details.

Circulatory disorders related to cesarean section

Caesarean section requires hospitalization and a longer recovery period than during a normal vaginal delivery. Disturbances in the venous blood circulation are frequent complications.

Cesarean section: how to limit the disorders?

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