2 magic nursery rhymes at bedtime

2 magic nursery rhymes at bedtime

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How to help your toddler to reduce his stress at the end of the day and the "program" for a good night? Try these 2 nursery rhymes at bath time and at bedtime! Giving the signal of the "break", they will quickly become small rituals

At bath time: "A hen on a wall"

As in adults, your toddler's tension is localized in the upper back and this is particularly the case at the end of the day. At the time of the bath, he will want to squirm like an eel at the moment of undressing, to splash you once dipped in the water ... Place in peace! Fill your tooth glass with water and pour it on his back, starting from the hollow of his back to get up to his neck, and sing it on the air of "A hen on a wall":

  • A hen that climbed, mounted on a wall (put the water trickle upwards)
  • Picoti (a small jet on the right shoulder)
  • Picota (a small jet on the left shoulder)
  • Raised the tail (a throw on the neck)
  • And went away (go down along his back).

Fill your glass with water again and start again, until you feel your toddler feel more relaxed. The flow of water on this tense area that is his back will act as a relaxing massage.

At bedtime: "I go around my house"

To kisses to teddies and cuddly toys, to the little story and big hug, add a new (and last!) Ritual with this nursery rhyme:

  • I go around my house (touch all the way around your face with your index finger)
  • I close my door: clic clac (gently tighten his lips with your index finger and your thumb)
  • I go up the stairs (make climb your index finger and middle finger on the bridge of his nose)
  • And I close the shutters (lower his eyelids with the palm of your hand)
  • Goodbye, the house is sleeping. Hush! (put a finger on your lips, take out gently and turn off the light).

This little rhyme will have a calming effect on your child: the touches on his face will relax him and overcome his last and weak resistance while he is tired. It's time to say goodbye ... you'll be back tomorrow!

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I go around my house

A hen on a wall


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