How to relieve your back pain?

How to relieve your back pain?

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Your future baby has grown and he is starting to really get comfortable! As a result, your back hurts and you do not know how to relieve it. Our advices.

Why do you have back pain?

  • The place being already occupied at the top (by the organs) and back (through the spine), your future baby can only grow by gaining space down and forward. If you had escaped the pelvic tilt in early pregnancy, you will be entitled to this step. From where possible lumbago - again they! - in perspective.But that's not all ... "The pain can also spread to other areas of the back due to many muscle contractures," says Roland Leclerc, physiotherapist.
  • Be aware that the back muscles and those of the abdominals are antagonistic: some balance the effects of others. During pregnancy, the back muscles are under severe strain as they have to constantly try to pull backwards, pulling forward. However, the abdominals being relaxed and distended, they can not support the back muscles and compensate their efforts. Hence the contractures in the back. AIE Aie Aie !

Back pain: Physiotherapy solutions

  • Goal stretching all round! Sitting on a chair, with your back straight, your back not arched, your chin pointed towards your chest, extend your arms over your head. Cross your fingers, turn your palms to the sky and push your hands upwards, blowing slowly. You stretch the entire dorsal region.
  • Pool priorityalways, you have to take care of it. Lie on your back, with your knees bent, your feet on the floor, wide apart from the pelvis. While blowing deeply, press forcefully on both feet as if you wanted them to enter the ground. You will feel your pelvis roll, the hollow of your kidneys to land against the ground.
  • Abdominal, sweet! Of course, it's not time to tone your abs. But you can still activate them without imposing too many constraints. How? By practicing abdominal breathing: inspiration inflating the belly, then long expiration by blowing through the mouth, emptying it.

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