How to make a nice picture of your child?

How to make a nice picture of your child?

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At birth, at a birthday or everyday, you like to take your child in pictures. But to make a nice shot requires to know some rules. Here are some tips to implement today!

Photographing a newborn

Your baby has just been born and you want to photograph it from every angle and we understand you!

  • Favor the lying position since that's how he spends most of his time. Place yourself in front of your eyes or slightly above to avoid the angle "under the nose" unflattering.
  • Never put it in an unsafe position in the name of an original shot. Prefer the natural, the rendering will be only better.
  • If you photograph him naked, or in layers, make sure the room is heated enough.
  • Do you photograph him in his sleep? Do it 20 minutes after falling asleep, it will sleep deeply and you will not wake him up.
  • It's up to you to see what's the best momentbut a baby is often more relaxed when he comes to eat and has been changed.
  • His foot, a hand, his mouth... have fun photographing it in detail, the result will also be very pretty.
  • Avoid the flash, not very nice for his eyes!

He is taller? Make the photo shoot a game

Your toddler has grown up and you want to immortalize his progress or antics. If you're planning a photo shoot, turn it into moments of fun and sharing. This is the best way for your small model to "collaborate".

  • Have fun with him and do not force him. If your child shows weariness, stop the session. You will resume later. You will avoid the "photographer's child" syndrome, which runs the opposite when it sees a goal.
  • If you enter a moment that seems relevant to you, take several pictures to be sure to capture the magic moment. Digital technology allows it, enjoy it.
  • From 3 years, your child is able to take an interest in what you are doing. Show him your photos, he will be all the more cooperative!

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