How to choose a scale?

How to choose a scale?

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To monitor your weight during pregnancy or keep your line, scales are unavoidable. Some tips to weigh yourself and buy the model you need.

How to choose your balance?

The choice of your scale is made according to different criteria:

  • The precision : calculating lean mass and body fat requires an "impedance meter" model.
  • Readability You can see the numbers through a needle (mechanical model) or liquid crystal (electronic model).
  • Memory : some scales allow to record each weighing to follow the evolution of your weight corresponds to an electronic scale equipped with this function.
  • The budget : how much do you want to spend on this purchase?

Use it well

Controlling your weight with accuracy requires a few rules:

  • Climb on the bare scalepreferably in the morning fasting after urinating.
  • Limit weighing to once a week.
  • Know that your weight can vary one to two kilograms more or less depending on your degree of hydration, food consumed, the practice of physical exercise.
  • Know your BMI or Body Mass Index (obtained by dividing weight by height squared) that serves as a reference. It's normal between 18.5 and 25. Below that, you're skinny. Beyond that, you are overweight.

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