20 Chinese baby names

20 Chinese baby names

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The Chinese names, short, original and often poetic in their meaning, invite to travel. First names of girls or boys, discover our selection of the most beautiful names come straight from China.

Chinese names: what peculiarities?

  • Flower names, character traits, philosophical symbols, evocations of Nature ... In China, any common name can be used to name your baby. Of course, the most evocative, beautiful and poetic words, are prized by the parents, as well as the names supposed to bring good luck. As a result, many Chinese people have the same name.
  • In China, most first names are unisex. However, for the little girls, the parents use more terms of flowers or qualities considered feminine, and for the boys words evoking strength, power, virile qualities.

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20 Chinese baby names (20 photos)


"Vertueux, précieuse", that's what this Chinese first name meant for little girls. His character ? Rather wise, Zhen is also full of humor and above all very sociable. Precious qualities!


Mixed first name, even if it is more given to the boys, Bao means "precious, treasure", an ideal name therefore for your small marvel. His character ? Quiet ... but bubbling with creativity inside!


First name in female priority, Jiao means in Chinese "very beautiful, charming" ... a nice gift for your love doll, right? His character ? She will be a true charmeuse, etymology oblige, but also spirited and full of spirit. No way to be bored with her!


This mixed first name means in Chinese "peaceful, healthy". His character ? Not so peaceful as this is an adventurer and curious ... beware of nonsense!


In Chinese, the female first name Wen means "refined, cultivated" ... a beautiful program! It is also used for boys. His character ? Autonomous and independent, your little wonder will make you happy.


"Heaven, heaven" ... this Chinese name has a meaning that makes you dream, right? His character ? Dreamer obviously, but also loyal, generous and very tolerant. Paradise, what ...


This name unisex, but especially feminine, means "ingenious" in Chinese. His character ? Dusty and always full of mischief, Min will make you crack!


"Long life" or "the one who smiles" are the two possible Chinese senses of this unisex Chinese name. It has a link with Taoism, based on the search for harmony between man and Nature. His character ? A seducer from his earliest childhood, Tao will put the world at his feet ...


A flowered name for a girl that means "orchid" in Chinese. Some parents use it for a boy. His character ? Idealist, Lan is also emotional and curious. A beautiful plant in perspective!


"Ferocious, vigorous", this is the meaning of this name, mostly male. His character ? Bold and reckless, of course, under a carapace of sweetness that will melt you.


"Perfumed", that's the meaning of this sweet name almost exclusively feminine. His character ? This name hides a temperament made of sweetness and modesty ... but also malice.


Mixed name and colorful, Shan means "coral" in Chinese. His character ? Energetic, Shan will sometimes make you see all the colors (that's logical!), But he is also loyal and very generous.


Here is a name mainly girl who means "gracious" simply. His character ? Grace, of course, but also an independent and proud temperament. Watch out for sparks!


This mixed first name means in Chinese "quiet, calm". His character ? Quite peaceful indeed, but beware of the water that sleeps ... Ning might well surprise you with his energetic side at times.


"Pearl of love" is the meaning of this precious name, predominantly female in Chinese. His character ? Not precious at all in the wrong way, Zhuai is open and very communicative. A pearl, we tell you!


"The builder" is the meaning of this name in Chinese. It is mostly given to boys. His character ? Han has an enterprising spirit that will allow him to build a bright future.


In Chinese, this first name given to girls rather than boys means "carillon". His character ? Noise requires, Ling is rather talkative and constantly asking questions ... but what a baby's love with his particular humor.


If this word means song in English, the name Song in Chinese refers to the oak. It is mostly attributed to boys. His character ? Strong and robust (like the tree), Song likes to help others and shows great listening skills.


The predominantly female name Mei means "beauty" and also "plum blossom" in Chinese. A poetic name that rises in the hexagon and can be celebrated with Fleur on October 5th. His character ? A little shy, Meï is very sweet and cuddly ... so, no hesitation, crack on this name flower!


"Original" is the Chinese meaning of this name given especially to little boys who will seduce you perhaps precisely for its originality. His character ? Not so far-fetched ... just unconventional and having horror that one shows him his way!


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