17 soup recipes for the whole family

17 soup recipes for the whole family

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Whether it is starter or sole dish, the soup is a mine of benefits. Here are 5 reasons to enjoy it and our recipe ideas for the whole family.

5 good reasons to love soup

  • 1. Light, it contains few calories for a large volume, provided you do not add too much cream.
  • 2. Digest, it contains fiber, many nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • 3. Economic, she can compose the evening meal, as long as she mixes vegetables and legumes.
  • 4. Moisturizing, one serving of soup contains 250 ml of water, which is 1 / 6th of the daily needs.
  • 5. Rassasiante, it avoids nibbling.

Our soup recipes



Chestnut dumplings

Soup of the sea

Greek broth

Morteau Soup


Alphabet soup

Thai soup

Cold soup with carrots and ginger

Zucchini soup

Coral lentil soup with ginger

Beet and tomato soup

Broccoli soup

Potato soup with gingerbread

Express mushroom soup

Cream of carrot soup with ginger and honey


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