Pregnancy belt: think about it

Pregnancy belt: think about it

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From the sixth month of pregnancy, the belly sometimes begins to weigh and the backache is waiting for future mothers. To relieve the weight of your belly, think about the pregnancy belt or waist belt.

What is the pregnancy belt?

  • Nothing to do with the pregnancy band, which serves only to look pretty and show his belly belly. The pregnancy or support belt is intended to relieve back pain by supporting the weight of the belly. The more important it becomes, the more the belly pulls on the lumbar and can cause pain. Wearing the belt provides relief.
  • It also helps to reposition the pelvis, decreasing the camber so specific to future moms. It also makes it possible to gently work the abs and back muscles.
  • Another advantage of the belt, it would help prevent urinary leakage by acting on the muscles deep in the abdomen.
  • Useful during prolonged standing, during housework or long walks, it is advisable, however, not to wear it continuously, but only when the back is very busy.

What are the models of pregnancy belts and how to choose?

There are several models of pregnancy belts:

- reach at the pelvis, under the belly.

- covering part or all of the belly and leaving the pelvis.

- passing only above and below the belly.

  • Depending on the model, it is worn on or under clothing.
  • It is not very discreet and difficult to hide under clothing, so choose loose clothing when you wear it. Another small problem, it can hold hot in summer!
  • Choose it at the right size, it should not hurt, nor compress too much belly. The best is to always try it. Even if you buy it on the Internet, you can always send it back for a more suitable size. There are so-called evolutionary models, which adapts according to the stage of your pregnancy and the size of your belly, it is very practical.
  • Also, plan to wash easily.
  • In any case, ask your midwife or gynecologist for advice. They can even prescribe it (but it is not reimbursed by Social Security).

Where to find it?

  • Pregnancy belts can be found in pharmacies (on order), paraphamacies, specialty maternity stores, and many online sales sites. Its cost varies from 10 to 45 euros.

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