Heading on Swedish names

Heading on Swedish names

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Are you looking for a name for your baby? Cape on Sweden and the Scandinavian names. Some are very original and very sweet for baby.

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Heading on Swedish names (20 photos)

Swedish First Name: Nils


  • Running in Sweden, Nils is one of the Scandinavian forms of our Nicholas. Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey by Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf made the name famous in the early 20th century. His birthday: December 6th.

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Swedish First Name: Linnéa


  • Little known in France, here is a name that is popular in Sweden. It finds its etymology in the name of a Swedish botanist Carolus Linaeus who decided to call thus his favorite flower! It is also the name of the singer of the Swedish group of symphonic metal Therion, Linnéa Vikström.
  • His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.

Swedish names: Henning


  • This pretty Scandinavian name is a derivative of Hans, diminutive of Johannes, of the Hebrew Yohanan, "God has mercy". Rare in France, it is the name of a famous author of Swedish crime novels; Henning Mankell.
  • His birthday: December 27th.

Swedish names: Elin


  • Variant name Helen, which means "glare" of the sun, Elin is a name that is popular in Sweden. First name of many sportsmen, it is also that of Elin Nordegren former model and ex-wife of the golfer Tiger Woods.
  • His birthday: August 18 with Helen.

Swedish names: Lars


  • Derived from Laurent, from the Latin "laurus", laurel, it is a common name in Sweden and that of many athletes such as swimmer Lars Frölander or tennis player Lars Johnson.
  • His party on August 10th.

Swedish names: Karen


  • From the Latin "carus" which means dear, beloved, or from the Greek "katharos", pure, Karen is the northern form of the name Carine, derived from Catherine.
  • It is common in the Nordic countries and has been illustrated among others with the Danish novelist Karen Blixen.
  • His birthday: November 7th.

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Swedish names: Else


  • Diminutive of Elizabeth, of the Hebrew "elisheba", which means God is a promise, Else is popular with our Swedish friends.
  • His birthday: November 17th.

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Swedish names: Magnus


  • In Latin, "magnus" means big. It is found in Sweden, but also in other Nordic countries and it is also a family name. First name of several kings of Sweden, it is also that of the former tennis player Magnus Norman, today coach of Stanislas Wawrinka.
  • His birthday: April 16th.

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Swedish names: Kirsten


  • Scandinavian form of Christine, of the Latin "christianus", partisan of Christ, this pretty name has many followers among the Swedish parents. Does it make you think of Kirsten Dunst? The American actress and model does indeed have Swedish origins.
  • His birthday: July 24th.

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Swedish names: Carl


  • First name of the present Crown Prince and very attractive Carl Philip of Sweden, it is a derivative of Charles, of the Germanic "karl", meaning masculine, masculine.
  • His birthday: November 4th.

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Swedish names: Ida


  • From germain "idis", the woman, this feminine name is popular with Swedish and Scandinavian parents in general. This name appears in several tales by the Danish author Andersen. In the Germanic religion, Idun (or Iduna) had in his possession golden apples that the gods had to eat to ensure eternal youth.
  • His birthday: April 13th.

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Swedish names: Björn


  • Scandinavian name, Björn comes from the Latin word biornus meaning "bear." Name of several kings of Sweden, including Björn 1st Järnsida who founded the dynasty of Munsö, it is also the name of the legendary tennis player Björn Borg, nicknamed Iceborg because he showed rarely his emotions.
  • No party date known for this beautiful name.

Swedish names: Sven


  • Old Swedish "breast", which means young man, page, servant, Sven is a very common name in Sweden. Several kings of Europe have worn it and it is also the name of the writer Sven Lindqvist, famous activist of non-violence.
  • His birthday: December 5th.

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Swedish names: Ingrid


  • From the Germanic "ing", filiation, and "fridh", beautiful, beloved, this name refers to the Scandinavian deity Ing, protector of female fertility.
  • Her birthday: September 2nd for the Swedish princess Ingrid de Skänninge who gave her goods for the glory of God and founded a convent of nuns after a trip to the Holy Land.

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Swedish names: Astrid


  • In ancient Nordic language, means "beauty in God". It's a popular name in Sweden.
  • Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is a Swedish novelist known among others for having created the character of Pippi Longstocking.
  • His birthday: November 27th.

More information about the first name Astrid.

Swedish names: Karin


  • From the Latin carus meaning "well liked", Karin is considered a typically Scandinavian name, appreciated in Sweden. Karin Mansdotter was one of the few commoners of the Swedish royal lineage. She married King XIV of Sweden in 1588.
  • His birthday: November 7th.

More information about first name Karin.

Swedish names: Stieg


  • Stieg means one who shines in Swedish. A celebrity who brought that original name? Stieg Larsson, the Swedish journalist and writer author of the famous Millennium trilogy.
  • No date known for this rare name in France.

Swedish names: Klara


  • Current name in Sweden, Klara comes from our Claire, from the Latin clarus, clara, "brilliant white". First name of the guitarist of the heavy metal band Crucified Barabara, Klara Force, is also the name of a district of the city of Stockholm.
  • His birthday: August 11th.

Swedish names: Gunnar


  • From the Germanic "gund", battle, and "hari", army, it is a derivative of Gunther. Famous Gunnars in Sweden, cartoonist Gunnar Lundkvist or Gunnar Anderson.
  • His birthday: October 9th.

Swedish names: Ludmilla


  • From the old slave "ljudu", the people, and "milo", loved, this pernom means beloved of the people. he is also Swedish parents. "is a popular name in Sweden.
  • Her birthday: on the 16th of September for Saint Ludmilla, who was at the beginning of the 10th century the wife of the first Christian Duke of Bohemia. Her mother-in-law slew her.

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