Pregnancy calendar: 1st week of pregnancy (3rd SA)

Pregnancy calendar: 1st week of pregnancy (3rd SA)

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And if you were pregnant ... The first day of your last period was three weeks ago and a small inner voice tells you that you are expecting a happy event. Let's hope it's true and find out what's going on inside you.

Baby side: a guy, a girl

Is it a girl? Is it a boy? For now you're dreaming of a baby, period. Even if you have a preference for this or that sex, know that there is no method of procreation 100% reliable to choose the sex of his baby. Unless you believe hard in certain popular beliefs! Today, the most important thing is your love story with your companion, that also of the two germs, the spermatozoon and the egg, which have united to form an egg of a few hundredths of a millimeter: the human egg or embryo or zygote! His journey through one of your two tubes will take him to your uterus.

Mom's coming side: RAS

There is no indication that your pregnancy has started. Moreover, for most doctors, it will start in two weeks. This explains why when we talk about the term we evoke weeks of amenorrhea: the first day of your last period is the first day of the first week of amenorrhea.

That said, your body is preparing to receive your baby. Under the influence of the cyclic hormone, a new mucous membrane composed of blood and nutrients begins to form in the uterus: your body can receive a fertilized egg; he is ready for a pregnancy! Have a normal but balanced and healthy life in preparation for your pregnancy.

Medical question: 41 weeks or 9 solar months or 10 lunar months?

The menstrual cycle lasts 4 weeks. Pregnancy occurs at about the middle of this cycle. However, the doctor also takes into account the 2 weeks preceding fertilization. The medicine (as well as the maternity card) considers that a pregnancy lasts 41 weeks, or 9 solar months of 28 days each. In some countries, we even talk about 10 lunar months!

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If you want to have a child, give up the cigarette as soon as possible! Get help, there are effective methods to end tobacco. And do not forget dad: he too must make an effort if he smokes.

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