1-3 years: on the road to autonomy

1-3 years: on the road to autonomy

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Eat alone, dress alone, move alone, play alone ... From 1 to 3 years, your toddler begins his slow road to autonomy. How to help him in this key stage of his development? The advice of our specialists.


Dress alone ... or almost

Around age 2, your child is able to participate when you dress. If he is still too small to button his shirt, he can perform simpler tasks such as putting on his shoes.

Our advice to help him.

Eat like a big, patient

Eating alone and becoming self-sufficient is not so easy! Advice from specialists, tips from parents ... everything to eat like a big one becomes a breeze!

The folder.

He is in no hurry to walk

A child can walk around 12-14 months. But beware, this is only an average! If yours is slow to take its first steps, no reason to worry. His priorities may be elsewhere!

No forcing!

Playing alone, it can be learned

"Are you doing a ride with me?" Okay, ten minutes worth of cubes and then you'll continue your activities. Unless ... "Say, do you help me with my drawing?" But why does not your child care for himself?


Autonomy: how to accompany it

Around 2-3 years, your child is more and more autonomous and free in his movements. At ease in his body, he likes you to empower him and is now able to dress or participate in his toilet, with your help.

What nudges?

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