10 recipes to refresh your little vacationers

10 recipes to refresh your little vacationers

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Your little vacationers are not very hungry? Normal, it's too hot! To open their appetite and refresh them at the same time (that's important!), Here are some ideas that are easy to achieve ... because with this heat, you probably do not really want to cook.

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Fresh baby recipes

To your sorbets

10 recipes to refresh your little vacationers (10 photos)

Fresh butterfly plate

Here is a plate that will fly ... well, actually butterfly! This funny and creative butterfly is made with pieces of sausage, slices of cucumber and radish, half-eggs, mayonnaise tips and a little flat parsley and chives. A dish to enjoy cold for the delight of your gourmands.

Fresh skewers

They are too cute these min-skewers of feta dice and small hearts of fruit! here is watermelon, but you can also choose melon and even strawberries or other gourmet fruits.

Greedy ladybugs

They are not cold eyes these ladybugs ... and will be devoured. For this easy and fresh recipe, you'll need small crackers for the appetizer, fresh cheese lightly beaten with a fork, cherry tomatoes, olives and chives. Yum !

Too good the melon puree!

In a blender, mix pieces of melon with a little lemon juice and crushed ice. Serve in glasses and decorate with a small piece of melon for fun.

Watermelon hearts

A nice idea for your little hearts, right? And above all, easy to do. Cut hearts into slices of watermelon (or melon) and plant them on wooden sticks.

Fruity lollipops

Your children are not fans of hearts? Opt for this version!

Frosted, pineapple

Mix pineapple flesh with petit-suisse and a hint of honey for sweetness. Pour everything into the pots of Swiss children that you have previously reserved. Insert a stick of wood into each pot and place in the freezer. Your frosted pineapples will be ready after a good night in the freezer. Enjoy your meal !

Raspberry smoothie

A delicious recipe that comes with all the red fruits! Wash the raspberries and place them in the blender. and peel the persimmon. Add crushed ice, a plain yoghurt and a hint of sugar. Mix at full power for a few minutes.

Fresh melo-melo salad

What beautiful colors in this simple salad! Melon balls, zucchini slices made with mandolin and basil leaves ... and voila!

Strawberry mousse

Here is an easy recipe of fruit mousse that you can decline with other red fruits.
You need: 320 ml cream, 250 g strawberries, 75 g sugar and 2 tbsp. coffee lemon juice Cut the strawberries into pieces. Puree them. Add the sugar, then the lemon. Beat the whipped cream. Pour the fruit coulis over the cream little by little and mix gently from bottom to top. Pour into ramekins. Put in the fridge for 4 hours. It's ready !