Babyphone: should we be wary of the waves?

Babyphone: should we be wary of the waves?

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To ensure that their baby sleeps well and does not cry, many parents succumb to the temptation of the baby monitor. If this device is useful, however, its use raises a problem: exposure to electromagnetic waves.

  • Smartphone, wifi terminal, baby monitor... today's children live permanently in contact with electromagnetic waves. But their brain absorbs 60% more waves than an adult. A risk that parents are aware of and many are those who express concern. But is it possible to protect your baby when you buy a baby monitor, a device that works through these waves?

A lack of standards in France

  • When you choose to buy a baby monitor, you currently have the choice between 3 technologies: analog, digital and DECT. Problem, if each technology has a maximum power threshold to be observed (respectively 10 mw, 20 mw and 250 mw), there is no general standard to be respected, not even a label that could allow parents to find their way as is the case in Germany.

Which baby monitor to choose?

  • Is there any evidence that using a baby monitor can be harmful to the child's health? If doubts are there, no study has yet certified it. Should we decide to anticipate risks while waiting for evidence or to wait for evidence to protect ourselves? Parents, decide whether to apply the precautionary principle when they equip themselves: "Faced with the lack of studies on the toxicity of the waves emitted by the baby phones, I would advise to choose one that emits little According to the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health), the further away from the baby monitor, the lower the electromagnetic radiation, it is recommended to place the intercom at least one meter from the baby's bed and to prefer a model using VOX technology.This allows the device to transmit only when noise is detected and not continuously.At last, do not forget to turn it off when it is useless. " advises Dr Pierre Souvet, president of Asef *.
  • Latest tips for use : do not use the babyphone unless you really need it, by placing it as far as possible from the child's head and positioning it on the "vox" mode which is triggered in case of crying.

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