10 nice reasons to discover (finally!) The jogging

10 nice reasons to discover (finally!) The jogging

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And if to change we began to run? But neither after time nor after children for once, just for fun! If, it is possible here are 10 reasons more or less serious to put you there.

1. The race is an excellent calorie burn

  • Running is one of the endurance sports that burns a lot of calories ", confirms Romain Billard, athletic / health coach and coach of the La Parisienne race, you want a proof? Go to the website vo2max.com/cgi- bin / coutenerg.html

2. It's also a great way to tone up

  • All coaches will tell you: to improve or maintain a silhouette, running works! Regularly practiced, this sport refines and tones the legs, glutes and abdominals.

3. It strengthens the heart

  • Like all endurance sports. Of course before you start, take the time to take a stress test from a specialist doctor.

4. This allows shopping

  • To run more comfortable: nothing beats a suitable outfit. In addition it is motivating to have a beautiful dynamic look! A detour through a sports shop and you this pretty breathable top, this special bra not to suffer in the chest, shorts and socks comfort.

5. It makes discover new ranges of shoes

  • Give yourself a pair of trainers dedicated to running is essential. It's so much easier to advance well! This avoids blisters, sore knees, in short it makes you want to continue.

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