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Authority: a question of form

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  • The way you are going to sign a ban to your child is essential. This should not happen in the usual, conversational or playful tone. Take a peculiar, low voice if possible. Speak slowly, articulating well. And above all, position yourself at the height of your child so that you can look him in the eyes. If you are at your second or third explanation because he did not follow the rule at his first utterance, show on your face a sign of discontent, for example by frowning. He must understand that this phase of explanation is the last, that the penalty will then fall.

An adapted punishment

  • In case of repeated disobedience, punishment is a must. This is the only way to make your little recalcitrant understand that not respecting a ban will necessarily have unpleasant consequences for him.
  • You are with him at the square, he tries hard to eat the sand from the bin while twice you've told him "no" by explaining that he was going to get sick? The exit must be completed immediately and you go home, without going through the box bakery where you promised to stop to buy a snack. The ball was in his camp, he decided not to obey, he assumes the effects! The penalty falls immediately and is directly related to the stupidity committed: two essential conditions for it to be meaningful for your child.

Isabelle Gravillon

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