After the selfie, the "Bumpy" for pregnant women!

After the selfie, the "Bumpy" for pregnant women!

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Are you a follower of the selfie, the now famous self-portrait that is good to share on social networks? Here comes the "bumpy", the equivalent for pregnant women ... (News of 12/06/14)

  • As often, it's the stars who first initiated this new phenomenon of making a photo of his round belly and then share it on social networks, Instagram and Twitter in mind.
  • From American actress Alyssa Milano, to the singer Gwen Stefani via the inevitable Kim Kardashian, all the famous future moms are put there! And to give a wonderful picture of pregnancy, no question of posing in jogging or drawn outlines, correct and glamorous outfit required.
  • No doubt, waiting for a baby has never been so fashionable even if for the moment, French stars seem less enthusiastic about sharing photos of their pregnancy.
  • If you want to follow this trend, the must is to multiply these shots as your belly rounds, in front of a mirror on one level. Tempted?

Stéphanie Letellier